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Traditional Mělník ink-well - red

Until stocks run out. St. Laurent 2009 in original hand-made blown bottle.

499 CZK

Pcs available: 17x


Traditional Mělník ink-well - white

Until stocks run out. Riesling 2012 in original hand-made blown bottle.

499 CZK

Pcs available: 16x


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Heartbreakers in Clarion

Heartbreakers finished their jubilee year by handing over checks to 10 organizations which employ people with disabilities. Remarkable 628 thousand CZK will serve a good cause – creation, adaptation or better technical equipment of positions for people with…

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Heartbreakers in finishing line

We had known there’s the finish in mid-January since September. We just couldn’t imagine it will come so fast. Thank you sor being brave with us! :) Now you’re reading the last entry in Heartbreakers 2017 diary. The last diary entry in campaign of…

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