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Choose a unique present or experience gift, its value equals your donation to Heartbreakers.

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Special cuvée Heartbreaker 2016

Until stocks run out. Made fo every wine-lover by ŠOMAN winery from Dolní Dunajovice in Mikulov region.

190 CZK

Pcs available: 86x


Glasses - water

Until stocks run out. These glasses are classic and even unique by their shape. They're decorated by Heartbreakers sign…

370 CZK

Pcs available: 144x


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Heartbreakers: Fully in pre-Christmas preps

Heartbreakers’ Christmas diary entry speaks about presents and wishes. Let us be inspired! Christmas is coming, get your jingle bells ready. Your bells, not cookies, those should be kept in secret. I’d like to be kept lying somewhere too. All these sparkles,…

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Heartbreakers’ catalog is closing on Dec 15th!

Heartbreakers’ catalog will be closed from 15.12.2017 to 05.01.2018. Only orders payed and credited to our account before December 15th can be processed. We can’t guarantee the date of crediting in case of bank transfer – please use credit card payment. …

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