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Traditional Mělník ink-well - white

Riesling 2012 in original hand-made blown bottle.

499 CZK

Pcs available: 44x


Heartbreakers Faces 2016

Cuveé Riesling 2012 and Pinot Gris 2012.

210 CZK

Pcs available: 272x


Do you want to become a VOLUNTEER EXPERT for people with disabilities / disadvantages? You can register here.

Daneta: We must succeed compared to competition

Daneta society from Hradec Králové acquired new circular cutter thanks to Heartbreakers’ grant. Preparation works in hand-made sheltered workshop got much faster. Lovely bags, oven gloves, pillows, doilies and other products made by people with combined…

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Helena: Out of the box

Read a reflection about world’s requirements of a box by author of most Heartbreakers’ articles. Boxes make me nervous. By that I mean standards we make to direct our lives to get orientated better. I know I’d be quite bloodied cabinetmaker if I have to make…

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